Grout Solutions, Inc. Focuses on the grout, the stuff between the tiles. We can re-grout, clean, seal and stain grout. Making your ceramic tile and grout look as great as the day it was installed. We also Clean and Repair tile.
The advantage to Grout Solutions in comparison to other tile companies is that we take the time to do the tedious application of the grout. Grout is usually the reason you find your tile so unappealing.
Let the Grout Solutions trained professionals redo your whole floor and tile areas and make your ceramic beautiful again.
Grout Solutions, Inc. is located in central Indiana, just north of the city of Indianapolis. We are conveniently located to work the Carmel to Greenwood, the Greenfield to Brownsburg, or the Fishers to Mooresville areas.
Grout Solutions, Inc. is based in Carmel, Indiana.
Give us a call at 317.571.8453, or
FAX to 317.663.1072 or
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